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Derniers Changements
Cette page en francais.

Changes compared to wikka trunk

- partial internationalization (english, french)
- advanced themes support (not only CSS, for example the current site and this one use the same code)
- add width/height attributes to Image tag
- edit_buttons_position is used for preview too
- added favicon parameter to config file
- better looking for URL, useful for sites that doesn't support URL rewriting
- removed all iso-8859-1 characters. As SUSE use UTF-8, opening and saving a iso-8859-1 encoded page break everything.


The source code is under GPL.
Some icons come from realistiK-icons theme (GPL).


A (not tested) snapshot can be found here :


- improve wikiedit toolbar (center text, image, flash...)

Known bugs

- sometimes, when clicking "preview" and then "re-edit", page content is lost
- page beginning with "\t-title" is not correctly rendered
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